Step One

To access the JobMap visit Click on the top right square, If youd like to view this in Fench change the option in the top right of the screen

Step Two

Once you have opened the JobMap you will see an interface like this You can either sign up and log in or use the application as a guest. Using it as a guest will mean that you cannot save or apply for any jobs. When you register you will be given the choice to be a job seeker or a recruiter.

Step Three - Recruiter

The first step after choosing to log in as a recruiter is to complete your profile. For this you will need to enter your name, email address and create a password

Step Four - Recruiter

Once you have created your account you’ll need to confirm your email address and sign in using the log in button on the navigation bar.

Step Five - Recruiter

The next step is to create your business account. To do this select the company account settings below the Job Map title at the bottom of the page.

Step Six - Recruiter

Once you have clicked that a new screen will appear and ask you to create a company and for details about your company. Fill out the form and ensure you make the company active or the jobs you list won’t be able to be seen!

Step Seven - Recruiter

After creating your company you can now add jobs! Click the green button titled “+Add Job” to get started.

Step Eight - Recruiter

You must then fill in all fields of the form about the job you want to have listed on the map. Including the job title, salary and location. Be sure to make the job active so it is visible on the map

Step Nine - Recruiter

Once the form is completed you can click the “create job” button and see an overview of all of the information that you have inputted.

Step Ten - Recruiter

Your job is now on the map and ready to be viewed by potential employees

Step Eleven - Job Seekers

The first step is to create your account as a job seeker

Step Twelve - Job Seekers

Next up you will need to click the application you wish to test, in this case choose JobMap and click the button “Job seeker account settings”

Step Thirteen - Job Seekers

This will open your job seeker profile. From here you can apply, search and save jobs. You can upload your CV directly to your profile.

Step Fourteen - Job Seekers

From the navigation bar click “map” this will take you to the job map search page. You can then type in a location to search for jobs. (for the purpose of testing only Portsmouth,Plymouth, St Ives, Penzance, Brest, Roubaix, Aimes and Caen have jobs to show and these are all fictional) the available jobs are show as pins on the map as well as in a handy navigation bar on the left hand side.

Step Fifteen - Job Seekers

Once you have found a job you are interested in, click on it to enlarge the information

Step Sixteen - Job Seekers

Clicking “view job” will take you to the job description page where you have the chance to apply and save the job. Saving the job will add it to the “my saved jobs” list on your profile. You can save as many jobs as you like here to come back to at any point as long as they’re still active.

Step Seventeen - Job Seekers

When you find a job you would like to apply for click the “apply now” button. Here your information will appear and you can upload your CV if you haven’t already, you can also leave a note for the recruiter, and this could be a cover letter.

Step Eighteen - Job Seekers

Once all fields are completed click submit, you have now applied for a job! You can now go back to the JobMap (point 15) and start again with a new job!