Career Guide

Step One

To access the Career Guide visit Click on the top right square, If youd like to view this in French change the option in the top right of the screen

Step Two

To Sign up click register and fill in the fields

Step Three

Once this is done you’re ready to get started.

Step Four

The next page is a questionnaire that allows the app to generate a selection of jobs that suits you best. The sliders can be moved left to right and there are a number of questions that are multiple choice.

Step Five

Once the questionnaire is filled it the app will start to show you job cards. You have the option to dislike on the left and like on the right. Once you have made your selection it will continue to generate job cards for you.

Step Six

Additional details are shown when you click Show description

Step Seven

At any point you can click Short List and it will show you what you have liked so far. You have the option to remove jobs from your selection by clicking the cross.

Step Eight

After several job cards the options will end and you will be shown your most suitable jobs

Step Nine

You are now free to google your favourite jobs and find out more. Alternatively, you can click start over and try again!